Siena Parcheggi

Discounts for Tourist Coaches of groups staying in Siena

Discounts for Tourist Coaches of groups staying in Siena
Starting from the 16th February 2015, tourist coaches pay almost 50% less the first day, compared to the old regulations, and nothing for the following days in high season

The Municipality of Siena adjusted the rates for Tourist coaches and for groups which decide to stay in the City. Giving advantage to this touristic category, the Municipality aims to discourage the quick gateway phenomenon and not to deseasonalize the touristic flow.
To benefit from the mooring and the car park on the area of “Siena Parcheggi”, buses with bookings in accommodation facilities that are situated in the District of Siena, pay (compared to the current regulations) almost the 50% less the first day, and nothing for the following day in high season.
This service is completely free of charge in low season, still with a group reservation in accommodation facilities in Siena.

With the old rates, a group would have paid € 115.00 the first day and € 70.00 for the following days in high season, € 90.00 for the first day and € 55.00 in the following days in low season for parking the bus.
With the entry of the new rates, the high season price is Euro 60.00 and it is free of charge for the low season.

To balance, tourist Coach rates increased by € 15.00 for those that want to bring tourists to the City Centre just for few hours without staying overnight. The rate changes from € 115.00 to € 130.00 in high season and from € 90.00 to € 105.00 in low season.

“Siena Parcheggi” will arrange the reactivation of the free shuttle bus service, which will connect the “Fagiolone” check point (situated in “Strada di Pescaia”) and the “Costone” escalator plants during school time, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, with vehicles able to carry 34 people.

All the rate variations have been discussed and established in advance with the Trade Associations and the Tourist Guides.