Siena Parcheggi

Car Park Rates

Car Park Rates
Rates for all the parking lots and services valid for the year 2015



Outdoor car park in areas of particular urbanistic relevance (ARU)

Car parking:

€ 1,50 per hour or hour fraction

Hourly rate applied from: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily


Parking in Facilities


Train Station Car Park

Car parking:

€ 0.50/ per hour for the first hour

€ 2.00/ after the second hour and for the full day


Annual commuters parking stay € 216.00 (upon presentation of train or bus subscriptions)

Monthly commuters parking stay € 18.00 (upon presentation of train or bus subscriptions)

Annual parking stay € 264.00

Monthly parkingstay € 22.00

Subscription with transit pass valid for the Train Station Car Park and the Public Transport “Siena Mobilità” (TIEMME) and for the round trip rides from the Train Station to the General Hospital and Piazza del Sale.

Annual € 250.00

Monthly € 25.00


Stadium – Fortress Car Park

Car Parking:

€ 2.00/ per hour from 7:00 am to 20:00 pm all the year-round

Daily Rate: € 26.00

“Palio” days rate: € 20.00 full day


“Campo”, “Duomo”, “San Francesco”, “Santa Caterina” Car Park:

Car Parking:

Hourly rate: € 2.00

Daily rate: € 35.00

Three day parking rate: € 85.00 full day

Weekly rate: € 140.00

Parking in Facilities Subscriptions (Stadium-Fortress, Campo, Duomo, San Francesco, Santa Caterina):

Annual non – resident: € 565.00

Montly non - resident: € 85.00

Hotel Rate: € 25.00 daily maximum


General Hospital 1 (called Heliport), General Hospital 2 (called Fastpark)

Car Parking:

€ 0.50/ per hour for the first and the second hour (2 hours = € 1.00)

€ 2.50 after the second  hour and for the full day