Siena Parcheggi

Smart parking

Smart parking
“SìPark” is the App for smartphone and tablet, which keep you updated about vacancy inside car parks facilities
Smart parking


With the car parks integrated management system, the centralized control system, the technologic systems installed in the car parks, the tourist coaches docking areas systems, the redirecting system to the car parks through RDS and the road signs with variable text (VMS), “Siena Parcheggi” supports oneself on an high technologic level to offer qualified services to its users. The high level of integrated technologic systems allows the utilization of data to transmit real-time information to users with a multichannel system.

Through the “SìPark” app, which can be downloaded from the website, it is possible to identify the vacancy of the car park facility. Real-time information about car parks vacancies can be obtained from the car radios equipped with RDS system on the “Antenna Radio esse” FM 91.25 – FM 93.20 – FM 93.50 – FM 99.10

Road signs with variable texts, about car parks vacancies on the main arrival directions of the City, complete the informational offer for the users.