Siena Parcheggi

Tourist Coach

Tourist Coach
Service for Tourist Coaches that want to reach the City

Discounts for Tourist Coaches of groups staying in Siena

Starting from the 16th February 2015, tourist coaches pay almost 50% less the first day, compared to the old regulations, and nothing for the following days in high season

Current Rates

The new rates in force from the 16th February 2015

Parking Area

There is one parking area in Siena dedicated to the parking of buses following the getting in and off of passengers and the loading and uploading of the luggage.

Passengers Docking Area

Four areas for passengers get in and off , distributed in a spoke way all around the Siena Ztl, to easily reach the Inner City

Shuttle Bus Service

During school time, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on weekdays, vehicles docking areas at the City Centre are being used from student buses. Hence, “Siena Parcheggi” and the Municipality of Siena have arranged free shuttle bus at the tourist’s disposal.