Siena Parcheggi


To reach the heart of the City, the Municipality of Siena realized, in the last 15 years, an escalator plants connected to multi-level car parks, on the Northern, Eastern and Western directions all around the City Centre. This system allows to overtake the demanding difference in height who made hard to advance inside the City.

The integrated system of “Siena mobility” has been studied from the Municipality to improve the security of routes and to reduce transfer costs and time. This allows citizens and tourists to pick between different ways to reach the City Centre. The principal aim is the one to avoid the crossing of the residential area to the North-East/South-West directions and conversely, with car parks situated to the access points of the City connected to the Inner City through shuttle bus and pedestrian escalators.

The escalator plants is an important safeguard tool of the Siena City Center – one of the most extended in the world - that the City managed to sustain in these years, thanks to the forward-looking urban politics. This system allows the maintenance of the limited traffic area in the Inner City and,in the main, a sustainable and eco-friendly viability system, compatible with the urban city pattern.

The Siena’s project has been so significant insomuch as it won important national and internationals awards.