Siena Parcheggi

Company structure

Company structure
Starting from October 2008 the public limited company of “Siena Parcheggi” is entirely owned by the City of Siena as an In House. In fact, the city holds 100% of the shares. “Siena Parcheggi” is a tool for the application of the incorporated strategies with regard ofthe mobility in the municipality.


“Siena Parcheggi” is a public company that fulfils the needs of mobility and parking of the citizens. The board consists of five members, three of whom must be employees of the public shareholders and therefore the City of Siena:

CEO: Alessandro Lepri

Vice President: Alessandro Francesconi.

Members of the council: Giovanna Vestri, Francesco Simpatico, Ilaria Vignoletti.

Members of the board of statutory auditors: Giacomo Brogi (Chairman of the board), Alessandro Tolli, Giovanna Avogadro.